art walk | june 15 2017

Melana Bontrager is the artist at Ombu this June!

artwork by Melana Bontrager

Kitty Singh will do henna tattoos at Ombu for June's art walk

henna tattoos by Kitty Singh

Art Walk Edmonds  on Thursday, June 15th from 5-8pm

Ombu Salon + Spa has a great Art Walk lined up this month! Stop in to meet artist Melana Bontrager, get a henna tattoo from Kitty Singh and soak in the charm of our waterfront town.

Melana Bontrager interprets life through line, color, composition, and abstraction working primarily in ink and acrylic by painting and drawing on wood panels. She collaborating with a local woodworker to create these panels out of recycled hollow-core doors.

“These mediums reflect the ways we brush against each other in everyday relationships. Life is an abstract of emotions and experiences and happenings; we don’t often get to see the big picture, but the details engage us and we are drawn into the intimacy of individual moments. These moments can be sacred, they can be unnerving, they can be hopeful. It is my intent that my interpretation of life through line, color, composition, and abstraction invite new perspectives, shift perceptions of reality, and ignite conversation.​”

Kitty Singh is a local henna artist who makes amazingly intricate temporary tattoos. Get one of your own that evening – prices range from $10-20.