cosmetic services

Need to give your eyes some oomph? Ombú Salon + Spa has you covered!

Sometimes all it takes to make you look more polished are well-sculpted eyebrows. Or, save yourself the hassle of mascara by giving tinting eyelashes a try. For the ultimate eye makeover, get eyelash extensions!

All cosmetic service sessions start with a consultation with your esthetician or stylist in order to tailor your service to your specific needs.

* Maintenance pricing is available for sugaring services and eyelash extensions. Prices will be reduced when service is scheduled 2-6 weeks from the original service.

cosmetic services
lash tint $26
brow tint $16
lash + brow tint $36
brow tweeze + trim $18
brow sugaring $26
brow sugaring maintenance $21
brow waxing $23
eyelash extensions – full set $202
eyelash extensions – 2 week fill $52
eyelash extensions – 3 week fill $72
eyelash extensions – 4 week fill $92
lash removal $22

Ombú Salon + Spa offers both eyelash + eyebrow tinting. We use a vegetable-based dye for our lash + brow tints. Tinting can last 3-4 weeks; or as long as your natural growth + shedding cycle.

eyebrow sculpting

Our talented estheticians will give you customized brows to fit the shape of your face. In addition, they will offer you tips for home maintenance + managing regrowth between visits.

eyelash extensions

Longing for lush, flirty lashes? Try eyelash extensions. Extensions are black, curled individual synthetic hairs that are thicker + longer than natural eyelashes. They are professionally applied to each individual lash for a natural day-to-day look or more dramatic look for special occasions. Once applied, they are virtually waterproof and can be worn while swimming + showering. Maintenance involves getting refills every 2-4 weeks.