infrared sauna session
30 minute session $30
60 minute session $60
package of (10) 30 minute sessions $200
infrared sauna membership
enjoy four 30-minute sauna sessions every four weeks. $45/every 4 wks
requires a credit card on fie and auto-renewal. To enjoy this membership,
please bring a towel for comfort in the sauna.

experience the benefits of an infrared sauna session!

A sauna session should be therapeutic and enjoyable, not unbearably hot. Ombu Salon + Spa’s infrared sauna has a gentle heat that instantly takes you away from the daily stress of life!

Here are a few of the benefits:

  • aids in cell health, muscle recovery + overall immunity defense
  • reduces systolic + diastolic blood pressure
  • produces an increase in blood flow similar to regular exercise
  • infrared heat reduces muscle spasms + helps the body heal itself naturally
  • soothes your mind by enveloping your body in relaxing warmth
  • reduces wrinkles + improves overall skin tone
  • detoxifies the body + burns calories while you relax in total comfort
  • greatly enhances the wound healing process

Tips for using the infrared sauna:

  • Wear proper clothing – in this case, the less the better. You will have the room to yourself, so feel free to just wear a towel. You may also wear a swimsuit or workout shorts + tank.
  • Don’t wear accessories – metal is a great heat conductor + may get too hot inside the sauna.
  • Stay hydrated – make sure you drink plenty of water before, during + after your sauna session. Ombu Salon + Spa has water bottle fillers. However, for the same reasons as above, don’t use a metal water bottle.
  • Bring a beach towel – Ombu Salon + Spa has smaller towels that may not wrap around your body.