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marina | esthetician

marina | esthetician

Originally from Moscow, Russia, Marina has been in the beauty and skin industry for over 25 years.  Marina joined the team at Spa Nordstrom at the flagship store opening day in 1998 as one of the lead Master Estheticians. She helped lead the spa for 22 years.  Marina was known at Spa Nordstrom as the brow queen, which stems from her perfectionist and detail oriented qualities.

After commuting to Seattle for many years, Marina moved to Lynnwood to be closer to her kids and grandkids.

Marina’s medical background helps her focus fully on the individual needs of people, catering to their specific skin type and home regime.  She loves to teach and educate people about their skin and help them shine and embrace the confidence of their beauty.

Marina is thrilled to offer clients at Ombu Salon + Spa a unique experience, pampering all senses during their service.