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pintura highlights

pintura highlights at Ombu Salon + Spa

ombu now offers pintura highlights!

Quite possibly the best color technique for curly hair

So you have curly hair and you want to change up your color. In the past you’ve tried box colors and foil highlights only to be disappointed. It’s time to introduce you to the Pintura highlight – quite possibly the best color technique for those with curly hair.

What is Pintura Highlighting?

This method of highlighting  was founded by Dennis Da Silva, Brazilian hairstylist, and co-founder of DevaCurl. Yes – the same DevaCurl that perfected the curly haircut! The word pintura actually means “painting” in Brazilian Portuguese, and it uses a technique very similar to balyage where stylists paint color onto the hair without using foils and heat. Essentially, it’s a way of hand-painting natural-looking highlights for a pretty pop of all-over color that truly shines through on curly hair.

How does Pintura highlighting work?

When using the Pintura highlighting technique, your stylist will strategically place the color where the light falls, as opposed to a foil technique where the stylist would most likely stretch the curl in order to place the color and wrap it in foil to process. When hand-painted using the Pintura technique, the colorist can leave your natural curl intact so that the color will actually hit the right spots for bursts of color.

Shari Harbinger, vice president of education at DevaCurl, says Pintura “helps create light reflecting highlights that work to boost hair’s brilliance and dimension.” It creates a gorgeous “ribbon of light” effect that looks natural, because it gives the stylist freedom to paint partial strands, placing color in the perfect places. 

Are Pintura highlights damaging? 

Curly hair is already delicate and more dry than other hair types, so reducing how many chemicals you put on it will help keep it healthier in the long run.

Pintura highlights use significantly less color than traditional highlights, which helps to keep your hair super healthy. Plus, because it’s only “ribbons” of color instead of root-to-end, the regrowth looks very natural. 

However, all chemical treatments can damage your hair. Your Ombu Salon + Spa stylist can recommend products to help condition and protect your hair after getting Pintura highlights.

Who should get Pintura highlights?

Pintura highlights work best on curly hair because curls don’t reflect as much lights as straight or wavy hair and therefore need the brighter highlights in order to show off that brilliant shine.

Where can I get Pintura highlights?

Curly girls in Edmonds and surrounding communities are in luck! Ombu Salon + Spa stylists are not only trained in the DevaCurl method of cutting and styling hair, but now know how to do Pintura highlights. Set up an appointment now!