organic + style in edmonds, washington


Hair services at Ombu Salon + Spa in Edmonds, Washington



women's cut $55+
curly cut* $90+
men's cut $35+
signature children's cut (up to 10 yrs) $50+
children's cut (up to 10 yrs) $40+
bang trim/neck trim $15
full blonding (all over bleach) $160+
all over color $90+
men's color $60+
color + few highlights $135+
color + partial highlights $170+
color + highlights $185+
partial highlights $110+
full highlights $135+
pintura highlights $170+
balayage $180+
partial balayage $140+
toner/gloss $70+
color maintenance
part line touch-up $40+
touch-up $70+
full blonding touch-up $130+
touch-up and few highlights $120+
touch-up and partial highlights $140+
touch-up and highlights $170+
other services
blowout $55+
curled + down $55+
special occasion/updo $85+
child's special occasion/updo $30+
texture + curls (perm) $110+
additional perm solution $20
color test strand $15
color correction (per hour) $100+
toner or gloss $30
deep conditioning treatment $35
reparative hair treatment $60
signature scalp treatment $25
organic color upgrade $10


If you are ready for a new look or simply need to shape up your current style, come see our stylists at Ombu Salon + Spa. Customized to your face shape, we offer trims to precision cuts for all genders and ages.

women's cut

60 minute service that includes consultation, shampoo, cut, blowdry and style.

curly cut

Ombu Salon + Spa has DevaCurl trained stylists! If you have curly hair you should give us a try. We cut curls dry, working with the natural curl pattern to create a flattering and attractive shape. We then follow with cleansing and hydration, offering hair detoxes and moisture treatments where appropriate. This is followed by a styling lesson where our stylists give expert product advice while teaching guests how to achieve great results at home. We have a limited supply of DevaCurl products as well as Innersense and Inahsi. You are welcome request the line of your choice. Please arrive with clean, dry hair with minimal products.

men's cut

30 minute service that includes consultation, shampoo and cut.

signature children's cut

For children 10 and under wanting a customized cut with a shampoo and blow-dry.  This service is 45 minutes.  The Signature Children's Cut is a miniature version of the cut + style.  Parent or guardian needs to be present.

children's cut

Ideal for children 10 and under wanting a customized cut without the bells and whistles.  This is a 30 minute service. Hair is misted before cutting and styling is at a minimum.  Please arrive with clean, brushed hair.  A parent or guardian needs to be present.


We offer both organic + traditional coloring services. Whether you want all-over color, a few highlights, or artistic balyage, our stylists can do it to perfection!

all over color

The process of using a dye or tint to change the color of your hair to cover up the grey, or for cosmetic purposes. We offer both organic + traditional coloring services.


Whether you want a little or a lot, use highlights to add dimension to your hair color.

pintura highlights

A fancy way to color your curls. It literally means “to paint,” and with this technique colorists apply hues directly onto the hair without the use of foil. They “paint” this way because it allows more application freedom, as a result colorists are able to individually identify which curls catch the light the best, and highlight them to add more dimension to someone’s individual texture.


Hand painted highlights. The highlighting is more gradual and the grow-out is not as dramatic.

color maintenance

Because over-processed hair isn't healthy hair, Ombu Salon + Spa offers maintenance pricing if your grow-out is less than two inches. Touch-up pricing available for current clients only.


Covers up to an inch of root grow-out over the entire scalp. This service is for our clients that are already established and are maintaining their current hair color.  It also includes a style.

part line touch-up

Covers up to an inch of root grow-out along the part line and face. This service does not include a style and is designed to be a quick service to get you by until your next full touch-up.

other services


Don’t you just love that feeling when you walk out of a salon after a hair appointment? With a blowout from Ombu Salon + Spa, you can recreate that feeling! Good for any texture or style of hair, a blowout consists of a professional shampoo, a blowdry with a round brush to add volume + shine + style. Perfect for a girls’ night out, date night, pre-pictures, or anytime when you want a step up from your everyday style but don’t want to go all out with an updo.


Our stylists love helping you look your best for your special event. From flirty prom styles + dreamy wedding looks to a fabulous date night ‘do, Ombu Salon + Spa stylists will create the perfect style to turn heads!

texture + curls

Add permanent texture to your style. We can do anything from a spiral curl to a body wave.  With long or thick hair, we will use additional solution.



Our organic toner/gloss adds semi-permanent translucent color + shine. Results will last 8-12 weeks.

deep conditioning treatment

Has your hair been looking dull, dry + damaged? It’s time for a deep conditioning treatment from Ombu Salon + Spa! Our intensely moisturizing treatment adds moisture, and is as much a treat for your senses as it is for your hair!

reparative hair treatment

Indulge in this anti-aging reparative treatment to instantly reverse the signs of aging and correct years of structural and internal damage to chemically treated, mechanically compromised and maturing hair. Results are immediate, preventative and last up to 10 washes.


organic color upgrade

Choose hair-color that uses all organic ingredients.