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speed up your hair detox!

Ombu Salon + Spa carries hair detox

speed up your hair detox!

Erase product buildup from your hair with this fabulous new product from Innersense. This Detox Hair Mask is formulated to remove buildup and residue and gently draw out toxins and impurities on all hair types.

With ingredients like charcoal to detoxify, Kaolin clay to remove build up and certified organic white vinegar to clarify, this product will draw microparticles to the surface without stripping hair of natural oils and without harsh chemicals that can increase hair porosity.

Detox Hair Mask is formulated for those new to clean hair care who may have build up from cosmetic ingredients (like microplastics and silicones) and for those who occasionally *stray* from their clean beauty routine! It's also ideal for those who live in areas with hard water or high pollution environments to help clear out toxins and keep hair healthy, too

Our stylists love it - and we know you will too. Available in the salon or our online store.