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laurie | massage therapist

laurie | massage therapist


Laurie has over 25 years experience working in spas, medical clinics and private practice in Seattle, its surrounding suburbs, and even ventured to Vashon Island where she owned and operated her own vegan and organic Healing Arts Bed and Breakfast Retreat.

Here at Ombu Salon + Spa, Laurie invites you to relax, enjoy and rejuvenate! With an intuitive, nurturing and holistic approach, she combines clinically based Swedish and Deep Tissue Massage, myofascial techniques, and stretching to calm, reset, and relax the body. Flowing movement and specific work is also incorporated to aid in the body’s natural healing process and reconnect the client as a whole. Her work can benefit prenatal clients, athletes, clients with chronic pain, and anyone seeking overall wellness of being.

With a passion for learning Laurie also holds certifications in Ayurvedic Massage, Aromatherapy, Sound Healing and Geriatric Massage.